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Weather Cusco

Here we show information about weather in the city of Cusco and other cities of Peru (This information is updated automatically)

The climate in the months from April to October is very comfortable, warm and dry. The temperature in this season is averaging goes from 5.0 ° to 20 ° Celsius.

The rainy season begins in November and lasts until March, at the beginning of the season, the rain is light and as the seasonbetween the months of January and March, the rain becomes moreintense.

There is some uniformity in temperature between summer and winter. Normally in winter cold at night and during the early morning hours increases the temperature until noon. On sunny days the temperature reaches 20 ° C.

We recommend to tourists, bring warm clothing and also clothing for the rainy season

Weather in Cusco

Weather in other cities

In Cusco

Cusco territories are under the influence of macro-climate of large air masses from the south eastern jungle, the highlands and even the distant region of Patagonia. The winds of the southern forest involve huge masses of humid air, which are driven by winds from the east.

The winds coming from the Peruvian Altiplano of Bolivia are rather cold and dry, like those from Patagonia and generally involve larger-scale events. They enter through the south east.

On the other hand, the local winds that are generated in the valleys and plains of Cusco have the function of distributing heat and humidity throughout the day.

Generally there are two climatic seasons: the rainy season from November to March and the dry spell from April to October.


Hot weather (wet and dry)

Correspond to the lowland areas, both north in the lower Urubamba, and to this department at the entrance of the valley Pillcopata and Araz.

Precipitation: More than 1.000 mm. year.

Maximum: About 30 °
Medium: Between 23 ° and 25 °
Low: About 20 °
Hot, dry climates, however, occur in the lower Yungas displayed in the form of cannons, the Apurimac River basin, central and southwest of the department.

Precipitation: less than 500 mm.  year

Speed: Up to 32 °
Medium: Between 17 ° and 18 °
Low: Up to 4.4 °
Temperate (wet and dry)

Climates in the valleys that dominate the central area of Cusco, where the humidity difference is marked by the location on the slope.  That is, the proximity to the east means more humidity, while the proximity to the West means more dryness. Temperate zones are of vital importance for the settlement of populations.

Speed: Up to 29 °
Medium: Between 11 ° and 16 °
Low: 7 ° to -4 °
Cold (wet and dry)
Occur mainly in upland areas of the valleys in the highlands and in the regions surrounding the glacier, ie in areas that are above 3,800 m.

Speed: Up to 10 °
Medium: Varies according to altitude
Low: Low 0 °

Cusco is under the influence of macro-climate of large air massesfrom the south eastern jungle, as the winds of Peruvian-BolivianAltiplano are rather cold and dry, like those from Patagonia, entering through the south east and generally involve larger-scaleweather events. On the other hand, the local winds that are generated in the valleys and plains have their function of distributing heat and humidity throughout the day.

The average annual temperature fluctuates between 10.3 ° C and 13 ° C (50.54 ° and 52.34 ° Fahrenheit), but these temperaturesvary according to the area.

Diversity of climate in the region of Cusco:

Humid Climates:

Pillcopata valleys and Araza reaches temperatures averagearound 30 ° to the maximum, an average of 23 º and 25 º in themedium and an average of 20 degrees in the minimum.

Dry Climates:

In the Apurimac River basin has an average temperature between 17 º and 18 º. With a maximum temperature of 32 degrees and a low of 4.4 º

Mild Climates (wet and dry)

The valleys (central area) has a varied climate because they present humid and dry climates that have a range of average temperature between 11 º and 16 º, at times of maximum temperature climate amounts to 29 ° and can reach down to 7 to -4 °.

Cold weather (wet and dry)

The climate is also humid and dry at high altitude (3,800 m). Here the temperature reaches to average depending on the altitude.Maximum temperatures reach 10 degrees and lows below 0 º. This is where we recommend being well sheltered, never despise the cold Cusqueño.

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