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Cusco Hostel, Qorichaska Cusco Hostel, In our hostel you will enjoy a cozy atmosphere where you can relax after your trip to Cusco, also to enjoy our warm hospitality, our hostel is located in a Colonial neighborhood, with characteristic of the buildings of Cusco, and modernity, that will make your stay a pleasant for yourself, friends and family. BOOK NOW - Prices - Photo Gallery

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Let the warm staff of Qorichaska in Cusco introduce you to the wonders of the Imperial Capital of Cusco! Qorichaska Peru hostel,from 3 blocks to Main Square Cusco, at Colonial Neirborrhood Cusco, The hostel is located very close to pubs, restaurants, clubs, recreational scepters, theaters, traditional markets, commercial tinedas, clothing, footwear, and generally you do not have to walk far to find what you want, besides that our staff is willing to guide you in any query about our city.

Cusco is the former capital of Tahuaninsuyo, the center of the empire of the four regions and the "navel of the world." In this city deployed one of the most remarkable empires in the history of mankind. The Incas expanded within its borders hundred years north of Quito in Ecuador to the far south of Santiago, Chili. In the direction of this reached Argentina. Although the Incas are well known in the Western world, was one of the largest known ancient cultures.
Hostal Qorichaska. is characterized by having large patios where you can relax, sunbathing, or enjoying breakfast, our hostel has a kitchen for our travelers, where you can prepare meals of their choice, plus we provide personalized attention in all our areas , also have our newly opened restaurant for lunch can enjoy a delicious lunch.

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Cusco is the former capital of Tahuaninsuyo, the center of the empire of the four regions and the "navel of the world"

Informacion About Cusco

Qosqo or Cusco was built at a height of 3.400my in the shape of a puma huge (see photo). The body of the puma contained the major palaces, temples and government buildings while the fortress just outside the city, known as Sacsayhuaman, formed the head of this sacred animal. The square between the legs of the puma is the Plaza de Armas.

The city today is a strange mix of Inca architecture and colonial style Spanish-English-Moorish. The Spanish destroyed unfortunately most of the temples in Cusco for building Catholic churches. Within the Santa Domingo (see table on the left above) you can still visit the temples built in the name of natural elements like lightning, rain, moon (Quilla), the sun (Inti), wind, etc. . Most of the huge palaces every new Sapa Inca (the emperor) built his duty operation still exist and some of them are turned into museums.

Legend has it that the first Inca Manco Capac and his royal breast Occllo Sapa's wife received the assignment of the sun god Inti himself.

What better to know through our extensive photo gallery, our service is guaranteed by our long years working for travelers, and over time we experiementado changes, and these changes are to provide the best service, we hope you like the stay Cusco.

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The month of December in Cusco Peru, is carcateriza for celebrating the holidays, and we have many traditions in Cusco you can enjoy, as the feast of Santurantikuy in Cusco, plus many more activities that are performed Cusco, what are you waiting for? Make your reservation now and disfraras a traditional Christmas magic in Cusco.

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