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Qorichaska Cusco Hostel Peru

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Qorichaska Cusco Hostel,
Address: Nueva Alta 458 - Cusco - Perú
Phone: +51 84 228974
Email : info@qorichaskaperu.com
Cusco - Peru

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We have double rooms spacious enough, our hostel is designed to travel with friends or family I also share the room with two large beds and lamps that have a drawer where you store your belongings, as well as in all our rooms have cable tv , high speed internet WIFI, and private bathroom with hot water 24 hours a day, if you have any questions write us

Services Included

  • Large beds, Closets.
  • Cable TV and DVD in the breakfast lounge.
  • Wireless satellite Internet connection 24 hours a day.
  • A kitchen where you can prepare your own meals.
  • Refrigerator, Utensils, Continental breakfast.
  • Hot water 24 hours a day.
  • Storage Luggage.
  • Wake up service.
  • Tourist information.
  • Wi-fi
  • All taxes included.

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Address: Nueva Alta Nº 458, Cusco - Perú         Phone: + 51 (84) 228974          E-mail: info@qorichaskaperu.com