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Cusco Tourist Calendar


1 Delivery Varas (Cusco and vicinity)

Prehispanic ceremony relay or Varayoc the highest authority in each town, who receives from his predecessor a stick or baton symbolizing power. The poles, made of chonta black hualtaco, huallacán or quince, measuring about one meter long and are inlaid with silver and gold.

20 Chiaraje (Canas)

Game pucllay warrior or commoners in the peaceful face to promote soil fertility. They gain more ground and those who hold back the enemy force. Is staged in the Pampa de Chiaraje (4,700 m), province of Canas, where he comes from the Imperial City road and down a dirt road.


Easter Monday

Lord of the Earthquakes (Cusco)

Worship the image of Taitacha Tremors, expression of Andean-Christian syncretism. The image is taken in procession from the Cathedral of Cuzco, built on the temple of the god Viracocha, to be carried through the streets of the city, as the faithful throw flowers ñucchu-employed the past to make offerings to the Inca gods-symbolizing the blood of Christ.


5 Festival of the Crosses (Cusco and vicinity)

Party in which each community is organized to decorate your cross and prepare for the procession to neighboring churches. The celebration, associated with pre-Hispanic deities appreciation for good harvests, also serves as a framework for conducting folklore shows.


Qoyllur Rit'i (Ocongate Quispicanchis)

Feast of Indian nations of America's largest. This massive pilgrimage to the shrine of Sinakara, held the day of the Holy Trinity, a group of people amounts to Ausangate (6362 m) in search of the Snow Star which is enclosed in large blocks of ice, the same that bear on their backs on their communities to irrigate their land symbolically.


24 Inti Raymi (Cusco)

Inca Sun God Festival held at the beginning of the winter solstice. One of the quintessential Andean shows and takes place in the courtyard of the fortress of Sacsayhuaman, where more than 500 actors revive the cult of the Sun The party starts when the Inca, after being led on a stretcher from the Koricancha in Cusco, comes to the strength and shows its domain until the setting sun


Corpus Christi (Cusco)

Catholic feast of the Eucharist instituted in the colonial era that coincided with the ride of the mummies of the Inca rulers. It is celebrated 60 days after Easter Sunday when 15 saints and virgins of the districts of Cusco arriving in procession to the Cathedral to "greet" the body of Christ, which is stored in a fabulous solid gold custody of 26 kilos and 1.20 meters tall.


15 and 16 Virgen del Carmen (Paucartambo)

Mamacha Festival Carmen, patron saint of the mestizos. The Virgin is conducted in procession to bless the audience, who sing in Quechua, and ward off demons, performing daring gymnastics and evidence on the roofs of the houses, showing its Inca and colonial garb. After the procession, a war against demons, in which the faithful come out triumphant.


10 Virgen del Rosario

(Quispicanchis and Canchis)

In the districts of Urcos (Quispicanchis province) and Combat and Checaupe (Canchis province) celebrates the patron saint of the town with processions, bullfights and forceful barbecues, meals prepared in the ground, covered in shallow rock boiling.


Santuranticuy 24 (Cusco)

Sale of Santos. Party colonial home now converted into one of the largest craft fairs in Peru. It takes place in the Main Square of Cusco, where the sculptors and craftsmen spread their blankets to offer the most diverse holiday figurines to accompany the stalls that are set up in homes and parishes.

Tourist Ticket


Ideal for tourists, can be purchased at the offices of the National Institute of Culture in the Executive Office of the Committee of Tourist ticket booths and entry control most sites (archaeological sites and historical monuments). It costs $ 10 per person and allows access to the main attractions of Cusco (churches, monasteries, museums and main archaeological sites)

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